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Gerardo Trujillo C., president of the Mexican Association of Asset Management Professionals (AMGA), points out that at a national level, some of the problems that affect companies at an operational level are:

  • Lack of alignment to corporate objectives
  • Organizational silos (isolation between areas or departments)
  • Short-term vision

The manager emphasizes the importance of keeping the objectives aligned since he considers that in most of the companies maintenance (process and area) is seen as the only one responsible for the reliability of the processes and a necessary expense.

Stresses that conflicts between maintenance and purchasing areas are common. This results in fixed assets such as equipment or machinery working above their operational limit since purchases are based on price, and are not standardized.

Trujillo recommends establishing an Asset Management System (SGA), in which the different areas are aligned with the objectives of the organization. The EMS is to establish a policy and objectives to ensure the availability of resources (assets), skills, communication, documents, and information requirements to achieve the value that assets must deliver.


Design your strategy to optimize

Laura Esther Zapata Cantú, director of the MBA of EGADE Business School Monterrey, says that a good operational level, together with a strategy that optimizes resources and operations, will offer companies (especially SMEs) the level of competitiveness for highlight at the national level and escalate to international competitiveness.

To achieve this, it is necessary to focus on two points:

  1. Incorporate new strategies. These should generate competitive advantages to adapt to a dynamic environment.
  2. Use specialized consulting tools. These can be applied in the processes and key activities of the administrative management, in the identification of resources and distinctive capacities, as well as their transformation and renewal. The objective is to generate long-term value to ensure its permanence in the market.

Considers that competitiveness goes beyond improving profitability, implies having the ability to anticipate or timely face the constant changes in the environment.


Solutions for your business

The optimization of resources and equipment is essential for the proper functioning of a company. In this sense, the financial leasing offers to lighten the load to areas such as maintenance and purchases, both economic and operational.

Having a renewed team allows companies to anticipate changes that may arise in the market, such as increasing the demand for a product or service, or renewing their equipment in response to new sustainability requirements by the competent authorities.

Do you want your company to reach optimal levels of development? Lighten your financial and fiscal burden through financial leasing, which allows you to obtain the equipment, vehicles, machinery and even furniture necessary to achieve your goals.

How to access this service?

  1. Choose the supplier and the supplies you need
  2. Request a quote
  3. Present it to the landlord-along with the necessary documents-
  4. Get the machinery, vehicles or equipment necessary to raise the productivity of your SME

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